ARB Incentives Live on Premia Blue

Everything you need to know about Premia's 900k ARB grant.

UPDATE: Premia’s STIP incentives and Trading Competition have been extended several weeks as follows;

ARB incentives continue until 03/01/2024: Vaults for $SOL, $GMX, $MAGIC, $LINK, $WSTETH, and $FXS / $FRAX, as well as WETH, WBTC and ARB.

Trading Comp continues until 03/01/2024 with criteria updated each week, announced on Premia’s X account.

The Arbitrum STIP is an incentives program designed to boost liquidity and activity across Arbitrum-native protocols on a short timeframe.

TL;DR: A total of 900k ARB tokens will be distributed to incentivize protocol usage over the next two months as follows:

  • 600k ARB to incentivize Vault deposits (now live)

  • 200k ARB to incentivize active liquidity (Range Orders)

  • 100k ARB for Options Liquidity Mining partnerships (TBA)

Aight then, keep reading for a thorough overview of the timeline and details of Premia’s STIP!

Premia x Arbitrum STIP Grant: Overview

Premia will linearly allocate the full extent of the grant (900k ARB) as the timeframe progresses, starting with the WETH, WBTC, and ARB Underwriter Vaults.

  • Start: November 15, 2023

  • End: January 31, 2024

Strategy Vault Incentives

600k is now being deployed linearly to Vault depositors on Premia Blue.

In addition to the ARB incentives, there will be 550k Premia Call Options emitted during the same time frame.

Here are the ARB incentives currently being distributed to Vault depositors on Premia Blue:

  • WETH/USDCe Covered Call vault: 115k ARB

  • WETH/USDCe Cash-Secured Put vault: 115k ARB

  • WBTC/USDCe Covered Call vault: 60k ARB

  • WBTC/USDCe Cash-Secured Put vault: 60k ARB

  • ARB/USDCe Covered Call vault: 55k ARB

  • ARB/USDCe Cash-Secured Put vault: 55k ARB

For an actively updated sheet on Premia’s ARB incentive allocations, click here.

Active Liquidity Incentives: Range Orders

200k ARB tokens will be used to incentivize traders that provide liquidity with Premia Blue’s Smart Range Orders.

The exact amount of individual rewards will be based on the volume traded, tightness of spread, and the pro-rata amount of Range Order liquidity provided within the most traded pools.

Partnerships (Options Liquidity Mining)

100k ARB tokens will be used to match Options Liquidity Mining for other Protocols that choose to launch an incentive plan (as available via stream).

Premia calls this suite the Hydraulic Solutions Framework. For Arbitrum-native projects that choose to launch an Options Liquidity Mining program on Premia, we are planning to further incentivize their contributions from this pool.

Premia Blue is the first non-custodial options settlement layer with fully customizable options parameters and risk exposure.

Maximize capital efficiency, define your own risk, and optimize fees earned with Premia Blue on Arbitrum!

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