August at Premia

Owl things Premia & DeFi options from the past month!

📝 It’s that time of the month again, Anon!

Welcome to the Premia Wrap-Up — a monthly newsletter of owl things Premia.

Everything we did last month, what we’re currently working on, and what we’re planning for the future.

With the AirDrip snapshot taken and the deployment of Premia Blue to mainnet underway, let’s have a look at what’s next.


On the surface, August was a silent month for Premia. Under the curtains, not so much.

The proposal to halt liquidity mining emissions on Premia v2 has passed. This is part of the full migration of incentives to Premia Blue, for which the full details will be published soon. If you’re an LP on Premia v2, stay alert for more info on liquidity migration!

The process of deploying Premia Blue’s (v3) smart contracts to Arbitrum mainnet has begun. As things stand, we’re looking at around mid-September for the deployment of the main exchange layer to be finalized.

What’s next for Premia Blue after the exchange layer has been deployed?

  • General improvements to the protocol

  • Omnichain functionality

  • Margin

  • Referral links

  • Additional vaults

Additional vaults will be launched gradually as the demand for certain types of strategies arises.

For Premia Academy, the Risk Management Masterclass is finally here, along with a fourth Options 101 course — go get your badge Anon!

Premia Updates & Newsletters

Community Calls & Options Talks

In August, we held a community event in collaboration with our frens at Socket and Layer3, onboarding over 2000 users to Premia’s DeFi options on Optimism.

Lastly, the Premia team paid a visit to EthWarsaw, meeting people both new and old, forming and strengthening relationships.

The Premia Twitter is also rapidly approaching 30k followers!

Join the DeFi Options revolution with Premia, Anon!

Hurry up, Anon!

To recap, here are some things you can expect from Premia in September:

  • Finalizing liquidity migration to Premia Blue

  • Mainnet launch for Premia Blue’s exchange layer

  • Hoots, hollers, and alpha!

Keep in mind, Anon, that

And with that, see you next month!

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