Blue SZN Trading Competition: Whale Week

Compete to earn your share of the $100k prizepool and 800k ARB incentives!

Are ya winning, Anon? The Blue SZN is in full swing with week one of the Trading Comp officially coming to a close.

It’s time for Round Two: Whale Week

  • Duration: Dec 15th 8am UTC - Dec 22nd 8am UTC

  • The top traders based on $ earned will be rewarded with their share of the $100k prize pool.

  • Only $$$ earned from options trading will count

  • Trades settled before Dec 24th 23:59 UTC will count towards this week

We appreciate all of you Anons. As a smol holiday gift, all trading fees will be rebated during this week 💗 

Welcome to The Blue SZN:

  • Trading Competition with $100k in prizes on Premia Blue (Arbitrum One)

  • Blue SZN quests with extra rewards on Galxe

  • 200k ARB in range order incentives (try out our range order bot here!)

  • 600k ARB in total vault incentives (started in November)

  • Earn 50% of referral fees until Jan 31st

Join the Premia Discord if you have any questions about the TC! Remember, there are no stupid questions.

Grab your share of the $100k prize pool on Premia Blue!

Premia Blue is the first non-custodial options settlement layer with fully customizable options parameters and risk exposure.

Have any questions? Hop on the Discord and ask!

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