July at Premia

Owl things Premia & DeFi options from the past month!

📝 It’s that time of the month again, Anon!

Welcome to the Premia Wrap-Up — a monthly newsletter of owl things Premia.

Everything we did last month, what we’re currently working on, and what we’re planning for the future.

As the Premia team is recovering from the hectic EthCC conference in Paris, we have some important events to look forward to — the mainnet launch of Premia Blue, and The AirDrip™️ initiative.

What has Premia Finance been up to? Let’s take a look!

Weka Premia

Back in June, we released the Premia DeFi Options Academy to educate users on the intricacies of DeFi options trading.

Shortly after, the Interstellar Trading Competition was launched (in tandem with the Premia Blue testnet), which has since concluded (PnL winners & prize distribution to be announced shortly).

In the month of July, the Premia team travelled to the heart of Europe to attend EthCC 2023 in Paris — one of the largest global Ethereum conferences!

We met new friends, spoke to potential partners, and celebrated DeFi options in the Volatility Cave event in collaboration with Panoptic, Smilee, and InfinityPools!

Now, let’s take a look forward.

The key events we are currently working towards are the first phase of Premia Blue’s launch on Arbitrum mainnet, along with the practical & intuitive Masterclass courses on the Premia Academy.

Oh, and don’t forget about The Airdrip™️ Initiative along with the governance vote for Premia’s comprehensive tokenomics revamp!

Blog & Newsletters

Community Calls & Options Talks

In comparison to the hustle we had in June, July has been relatively calm for Premia’s socials.

Following the Trading Competition, however, a lot of new frens have appeared in the Premia Discord. Consider this a formal hello to y’all!

As opposed to the semi-daily Twitter Spaces and partner chats we had in June, we instead spent most of our time in Paris making a boatload of new frens while spreading the Premia word across key industry players.

We love our community ❣️

Thus, we like to highlight some of the coolest kids on the Premia block this month and let you know the community’s contributions are always felt, noticed, and very much appreciated!

Starting off with some Twitter highlights…

And moving on to the memelords…

Join the DeFi Options revolution with Premia, Anon!

Hurry up, Anon!

The Masterclasses are arriving soon, and you wanna be prepared with the knowledge gained from our Options 101 courses!

To recap, here are some things you can expect from Premia in August:

  • The AirDrip snapshot will occur (details will be communicated well in advance via Premia Twitter)

  • Beginning of the phased launch of Premia Blue on Arbitrum mainnet.

  • Releasing the first of many Masterclasses in Premia DeFi Options Academy.

Keep in mind, Anon, that

And with that, see you next month!

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