March at Premia - Project Archetype and Product Roadmap

TL;DR: Project Archetype, Voidnode, and Portfolio Margin. Here's an overview of the Premia Product Roadmap.

📝 TL;DR:
Project Archetype, Voidnode, Portfolio Margin, Zero-Liquidity Surfaces and so much more.

Here's a recap of Premia’s Product Roadmap from our Community Call.

Weka, Premia Mafia Consigliere

It’s Time to Reimagine the Endgame for Arbitrum DeFi.

Archetype combines intents, derivatives, and core DeFi primitives into an extension-free onboarding suite. Non-custodial and permissionless on Arbitrum.

Premia’s long-term goal has always been divided into two parts:

  1. Creating the first fully featured and capital efficient yet non-custodial DeFi options exchange on a public blockchain.

  2. Fostering the next generation of DeFi users via a strong educational offering, seamless UI design, and the smoothest onboarding experience possible.

With the rapid approach of the first on-chain risk engine for a portfolio margin system along with advanced bot infrastructure, Premia Blue is well on its way to fulfilling the promise of DeFi options.

As we worked on the extremely difficult task of building out the first on-chain risk engine for a portfolio margin system, we came up with a product that would allow us to come to a crossroads between our two aspirations.

Where we’re going, you won’t need browser extensions

We’re bringing our core values together in a brand-new product with an archetypical feature-set.

This abstract idea we had would go on to materialize as Project Archetype: the first meta-protocol to utilize Premia Blue as a back-end while providing a unique & separate value offering.

The (code)name is ambitious, and so is the promise.

With smart accounts, direct fiat on-ramp, mobile signing and all the rest, Archetype will act as the complete onboarding suite for DeFi newbies and power users alike.

The first phase for Project Archetype will be the inception of a fresh and sustainable liquidity flow to the broader Arbitrum ecosystem.

As the product matures, it will become the archetypical DeFi suite for other protocols to either tap into the liquidity flow of, or build new protocols on.

Archetype integrates an optional, unique “insurance” feature into natively executed swaps. This feature utilizes Premia Blue’s smart contracts as a pricing & settlement engine.

Related positions can be directly managed on the Archetype front-end, while value accrual will initially flow to the base exchange layer (vxPREMIA stakers).

2024 H1 Product Roadmap

What else has Premia been working on? Including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Voidnode: Web3 indexing solution (beta-testing & more info coming soon)

  • Portfolio Margin: The first on-chain risk engine for portfolio margin. Unlocks capital efficiency for the Premia Blue exchange.

  • Zero-Liquidity Surfaces: New options primitive. Unlocks accurately priced options markets for low volume pairs. First token in line is $PREMIA.

If you listened to our Community Call a couple of weeks ago, you should already know what’s up. Here’s a summary:

Remember that these are tentative dates. Nothing is set in stone until the product is shipped!

There is much to tell you… so many things cooking… I want to speak… but alas, this is all for now. The Mafia will exact punishment on me should I misbehave.

Project Archetype is Approaching

With the things we’re cooking… Few understand. The time for Premia’s conquest has finally come.

Keep in mind, Anon, that

And with that, see you next month!

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