Premia Blue Referral System

Refer Friends to Premia Blue and Earn Trading Fees!

With the meta-economic flywheel of Premia Blue, we’ve implemented a referral system to reward active ecosystem participants and ambassadors.

Sign in to, share your referral link with friends, and start earning fees!

To celebrate Premia Blue’s launch, referrers will earn 50% of all protocol fees from referred users until October 15th!

Keep reading for details!

Using Referrals

Here’s how Premia Blue’s referrals work in practice:

  1. Find your referral link on the Profile tab inside after signing in.

  2. Your referral link will redirect back to + a personal referral code.

  3. Referred users need to open the app with your link and make a small trade to ensure they are registered as a referral.

As your referrals trade on Premia, you'll earn a portion of their taker fees. You will earn these referral rebates in the token that was traded: WETH, WBTC, USDCe, etc.

Referral Tiers

Outside of the current 50% promotion, the percentage earned from referrals scales with tiers.

As you refer more users to Premia Blue and the notional value of their trades on the platform increases, your tier will rise accordingly, and you’ll earn more fees — a proper win-win!

The following tiers are the currently proposed plan to be ratified and approved by the community parliament.

  • Level 1: 0 - 999,999 Notional Value

  • Level 2: 1,000,000 - 9,999,999 Notional Value

  • Level 3: 10,000,000+ Notional Value

The three levels earn 5%, 10%, and 20% of all referred taker fees respectively. Tiers oscillate each month based on referred users’ volume/activity.

Premia Blue is Live on Arbitrum!

Premia Blue is the first non-custodial options settlement layer with fully customizable options parameters and risk exposure.

Maximize capital efficiency, define your own risk, and optimize fees earned with Premia Blue on Arbitrum!

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