Premia Blue Trading Competition is Live

Compete to earn your share of the $100k prizepool and 800k ARB incentives!

UPDATE: Premia’s STIP incentives and Trading Competition have been extended several weeks as follows;

ARB incentives continue until 03/01/2024: Vaults for $SOL, $GMX, $MAGIC, $LINK, $WSTETH, and $FXS / $FRAX, as well as WETH, WBTC and ARB.

Trading Comp continues until 03/01/2024 with criteria updated each week, announced on Premia’s X account.

Wassup, Anon? Premia Blue’s Trading Comp is back and the stakes are higher than ever!

Compete against fellow options savants for a total prize pool of $100k by trading options on Premia and participating in weekly incentivized activities from December 8th to January 31st.


  • Trading Competition with $100k in prizes on Premia Blue (Arbitrum One)

  • Blue SZN quests with extra rewards on Galxe

  • 200k ARB in range order incentives (try out our range order bot here!)

  • 600k ARB in total vault incentives (started in November)

  • Earn 50% of referral fees until Jan 31st

Join the Premia Discord if you have any questions about the TC! Remember, there are no stupid questions.

Keep reading for all the details!

Trading Competition & Rewards

Don’t forget to complete The Blue SZN quests for extra rewards!

The rules are simple, Anon — options trading on Arbitrum with a different criteria announced each week.

Climb to the top of the trading leaderboard while completing quests and gathering points in The Blue Season campaign on Galxe.

The faithful and hard-working shall be rewarded… Are you ready to win, Anon? Here are the details:

Trading Competition Details:

  • Trading Competition from December 8th to January 31st

  • Each week, there will be a new set of criteria — be it selling options, options PnL, or racking up trading fees

  • These criteria will be tracked within the leaderboard or dune dashboard to be provided, which may change each week

  • The top 5 traders of each week will be rewarded

  • 6k ARB and 6k PREMIA tokens up for grabs each week

This system is meant to reward active participants without leaving anyone out or making it a whales game. Even if you’re fashionably late, you’ll still be able to join the party each week and stack up on the leaderboard!

Additionally, options traders, vault depositors, and wannabe market makers will be incentivized throughout the Trading Competition:

Range Order & Orderbook ARB rewards:

Users will be incentivized for secondary market activity on Premia Blue.

  • Total of 200k ARB (25k ARB distributed each week)

    • First Distribution Dec 19th

  • Criteria: Buy and Hold a long option (vault underwriter excluded)

    • Orderbook and Range Order types only

  • Tracked from Dec 8th to Feb 2nd

  • Rewards are weighed based on open interest & days to expiration

Our in-house built Range Order bot was recently released to the public — go take it for a test ride and nab yourself some ARB rewards! If using the range order bot, tracking will only begin once you have withdrawn liquidity and the wallet holds a long option (ERC 1155).

Strategy Vault ARB Rewards:

  • Total of 600k ARB

  • Distributed pro-rata to vault depositors (started in November) until January 31st

  • All vaults on Premia Blue are currently incentivized

  • Earn 50% of referral fees from Dec 8th to Jan 31st

Grab your share of the $100k prize pool on Premia Blue!

Premia Blue is the first non-custodial options settlement layer with fully customizable options parameters and risk exposure.

Have any questions? Hop on the Discord and ask!

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