Welcome to The Premia DeFi Options Academy

The time has come for the class of 2023 to enroll in The Premia Academy of DeFi Options, Anon — a prestigious house of learning established to train the finest minds of weeb+ for the most challenging tasks of the cosmos.

The traditional rite of passage for cadets of the Academy — The Premia Blue Trading Competition — is approaching (to be announced very soon), and it’s time for you to begin a rigorous curriculum to match the effort put in by your peers.

In the prestigious halls of Premia Academy, traders of all levels are able to learn all there is to know about trading options in the realm of blockchain.

It’s time to focus and lock your eyes on the prize. Right now, a small-timer such as yourself won’t even come close to claiming the honour and recognition that comes with being the Interstellar Trading Champ.

Welcome to the halls of The Premia Academy of DeFi Options, newcomer!

Inside our clear-cut walls, you’ll learn about everything there is to know about options in decentralized finance!

  • Options 101: In the Options 101 class, you’ll learn the essentials of options in DeFi — what they are, how they work, important concepts to understand, and so on… You will come to see this as the cornerstone of your knowledge, and a rite for adding options to your arsenal.

  • Strategies (TBA): The Strategies class will teach you everything you need to know about applying your newfound tools in action. A true test of skill to ensure that you, the newly enrolled cadet, are capable of carrying your own weight.

The Options 101 and Strategies classes are both divided into Courses. Completing each Course rewards you with a dynamically upgrading NFT badge that will help you track your progress, and maybe even collect rewards down the line…

  • Premia Guides (TBA): This class will act as your instructor for navigating the newly updated interface of Premia Blue. For each feature on the platform, there’s a step-by-step guide on the Academy!

  • Glossary: The Glossary will act as your reference for all sorts of DeFi options jargon — an encyclopedia handbook to use as you advance through the Academy!

The Premia Guides and the Glossary will be an essential handbook to help you navigate both the Premia Academy and the upcoming Trading Competition.

Alrighty then, let’s adopt a more formal tone.

It’s no secret that your average DeFi degen finds options difficult to understand. For good reason, too, as options are not as straightforward as simply buying or selling a crypto asset.

Thus, the experience of onboarding new users to DeFi options has to be a polished and easily approachable process.

Premia Academy is the first phase of our efforts in this field — an approachable academic experience for learning about options in the context of decentralized finance.


Premia Academy will initially launch with three courses in the Options 101 category.

As we come closer to the Trading Competition, we will open up access to the Premia Guides.

And after a successful launch, we’ll begin gradually publishing new courses in every category — maybe even coming out with some new ones!

Additionally, we have a whole bunch of plans to combine Premia Blue, the Academy, and elements of gamification, starting with a small taste - the Interstellar Trading Competition…

Have You Enrolled Yet, Anon?

Premia Academy will be the cornerstone for onboarding the next wave of degens to DeFi options.

And so, any and all feedback is greatly encouraged — just shoot us a message on our Discord!


or to participate.