Introducing vxPremia Governance Incentives

Premia is implementing a governance incentives marketplace in collaboration with Redacted Cartel. Post incentives, vote, and earn rewards!

Premia is creating an incentives market for vxPremia gauges in partnership with Redacted Cartel — a collective of DeFi-native builders.

Protocols and whales will soon be able to post governance incentives for specific vaults, while vxPremia stakers can earn extra rewards by voting for those vaults to receive OLM rewards.

The incentives will increase vxPremia token utility while ensuring the most in-demand tokens will have their respective vaults receive their fair share of liquidity mining rewards.

Read on for a quick rundown of the Hidden Hand governance incentives marketplace ⬇️ 

what are hidden hand bribes

What are Hidden Hand Incentives?

Hidden Hand is a DeFi marketplace for governance incentives, commonly referred to as Bribes.

Protocols can leverage Hidden Hand to enable more efficient governance processes and to engage their voters, while users can earn extra yield on their vxPREMIA through voting incentives

Here’s a high-level overview of how Bribes work in practice:

  1. A protocol or whale deposits incentives (Bribes) to the vxPremia market inside

  2. A user navigates to the vxPremia Dashboard inside and votes on an incentivized vault to earn rewards.

  3. When the epoch ends, the user can claim their rewards inside

Hidden Hand is built by Redacted Cartel — a collective of DeFi-native builders, writers, and researchers.

Once live with the Hidden Hand vxPremia bribes market, we’ll post easy to follow step-by-step guides for setting Bribes and voting.

Look forward to it, Anon!

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