Premia x Arbitrary Execution

We believe that with great code comes great responsibility. Thus, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re working alongside Arbitrary Execution to pioneer an innovative approach to security in DeFi.

Say hello to our new friends - Arbitrary Execution!

We believe that with great code comes great responsibility. Thus, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re working alongside Arbitrary Execution to pioneer an innovative approach to security in DeFi.

In the process of ensuring the safety of the upcoming Premia v3 upgrade, we’ve conspired a two-point plan. First up, we’re kicking off a multi-tiered Trilateral Security Audit, and once we’ve wrapped up development, we’ll additionally be conducting a super comprehensive full-scale audit.

So, why is this partnership such a big deal? Well, it’s simple. This is the first step towards creating a novel approach to security that will help us keep our users safe while unlocking further intricacies for DeFi development.

But hey, we’re just getting started. This is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the goal of bringing our users the most secure DeFi experience possible.

Let’s bootstrap our journey with Arbitrary Execution by introducing our new friends, why we’re partnering up, and how this will benefit us both!

Introducing Arbitrary Execution

Arbitrary Execution is a best-in-class blockchain security company.

With a seasoned and extremely skilled team of researchers and developers, Arbitrary Execution boasts a wide spectrum of expertise. A match made in heaven for us at Premia, as the specific skillsets are an excellent fit with our own.

From smart contract audits to security monitoring, research, and development, there’s no shortage of professional services from their side.

This partnership between Premia and Arbitrary Execution signals a shift in the direction of both teams. Moving away from the traditional big bang transactional audits, we’ll be among the pioneering partners of an SDLC-approach to web3 security auditing.

But what exactly does that mean?

In short, Premia incorporates Arbitrary Execution into the regular development lifecycle, ensuring no old, current, or future stone is left unturned. Let’s talk about how it really works!

SDLC Approach in Web3

SDLC stands for Secure Development Life Cycle.

Development in web3 has its unique properties, and by extension, vulnerabilities. Hundreds of millions have been lost to exploits due to weaknesses overlooked during one-time audits and unsecured pieces of post-audit code.

Security is not a one-time thing, but something that should be integrated throughout the development lifecycle of a protocol.

From the initial design phase to post-launch defence, Arbitrary Execution will assist us in securing Premia’s protocol and users from malicious intent. From the beginning until the end, till death do us part.

Shift Left Security

As do our friends at AE, we believe an SDLC approach to be the natural progression for security audits in DeFi.

We’re placing an extra emphasis on the beginning of the development lifecycle. In a linear depiction of the lifecycle timeline, imagine a shift in efforts towards the earliest stages. This is called Shift Left Security.

We want to establish a secure and futureproof foundation for Premia v3. With this change in audit philosophy, we believe we’re on the right path towards a safer future for both Premia v3 and DeFi as a whole.

Trilateral Security Audit

Our partnership with Arbitrary Execution will consist of three tiers to ensure we improve every possible angle of security to its maximum scale.

  • Code Review by Arbitrary Execution

  • Economic Audit by Smolquants, a collective of skilled DeFi risk researchers

  • Behavioral Audit: stress-test with the community

Following the Trilateral Security Audit, we will conduct an additional full-scale and comprehensive audit. Just to be extra sure.

But how does all of this bring any extra merit to the Premian community and Arbitrary Execution?

How This Benefits Premians

This is the very start of a long-term partnership between us and Arbitrary Execution.

Starting with the launch of the Premia v3 upgrade, Arbitrary Execution will make sure everything works as planned with no nooks or crannies left unchecked.

Over the coming years, we will work tightly together with AE to maintain a sky-high security standard for our platform, all while acting as thought-leaders to advance the DeFi space to a safer future step-by-step.

Lackluster security is one of the main factors in holding DeFi back from mass adoption. Slowly but surely, we’re planting the seeds to bring forth a new tidal wave of DeFi degens.

And it all starts here!

Join the Premia Journey!

This announcement is a solid start for the budding partnership between us and our new friends Arbitrary Execution. Don’t forget to check out their website here.

If you have any questions about the collaboration between Arbitrary Execution and Premia, don’t hesitate to jump toour Discord and ask!

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