The Premian Take #9

The Premia Academy has been getting some finishing touches as we creep closer to the trading competition.

GM Premioors!

The Premia Academy has been getting some finishing touches as we creep closer to the trading competition.

The Academy will be a crucial element in onboarding the next generation of DeFi users into options, and we have a boatload of ideas for creating a gamified progression system interlinked between Premia Blue and the Academy.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been brewing some partnerships in regards to said gamification — stay tuned for more details!

Here’s what we got today:

  • Monday Alpha: New shorter and sweeter addition into the Premia x Marty content kingdom

  • Academy Progress: Another sneak peek into Academy developments

  • Decentralized Identities in Governance: Latest issue of Premia’s Governance Series

Let’s get into it!

Monday Alpha

Welcome to a new addition into the collaboration between Premia and Marty, the options savant!

Our new bi-weekly write-up featuring Marty is shorter, sweeter and packed with timely insights into the current state of the markets.

Give it a read here and bring your feedback to our Discord!

Academy Progress

The Premia Academy is coming along nicely w/ a brand new mascot!

Initially, the Academy will launch with three categories:

  • Options 101: Everything you need to learn about DeFi options.

  • Strategy: What you have to know about options strategies and implementing them.

  • Premia Guides: Step-by-step walkthroughs of trading options and providing liquidity on Premia Blue!

All this will be paired with a nifty Glossary to serve as your point of reference for daunting options-related jargon!

As the Premia team is focused on shipping v3 (aka Premia Blue) in a timely manner, the Academy will be on the backpedal for now. However, we have multiple ideas down the line that will embed Premia Academy as a cornerstone to onboard new users into DeFi options!

Governance Series: Decentralized Identities in Governance

In the latest edition of Premia’s Governance Series, we tackle the need for decentralized IDs in DAO governance, along with the multiple issues and solutions surrounding them.

As always, it’s a mind-broadening read — check it out here.

TL;DR: Last Two Weeks in Premia


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