Upgraded Trading UI & Option-Chain

The leading crypto options exchange on Arbitrum just got a massive facelift!

Options newbies and professionals rejoice!

We’ve listened to users’ feedback and worked on the Premia Blue interface accordingly. For multiple weeks now, the focus has been on:

  1. Bringing back the simplicity of the Classic View from Premia V2 and easing the process of buying (selling) specific options.

  2. Completely revamping the Option-Chain to match industry standards and provide advanced users with a comprehensive toolkit while polishing the overall experience.

“Classic” Options Trading View

Revamped Option-Chain View

Additionally, a customizable Order Summary will pop up when trading via the Option-Chain — this can be pinned, moved, and managed. Limit Orders can also be set from this modal!

These changes are meant to optimize the overall experience of trading options on Premia for every type of user — from beginners buying their first option, to pros looking for an on-chain alternative.

Any and all feedback regarding the UI is welcome! Join the Premia Discord to throw us a message and talk about options.

Join the next generation of crypto options with Premia Blue!

Premia Blue is the first non-custodial crypto options exchange with fully customizable options parameters and risk exposure.

Maximize capital efficiency, define your own risk, and optimize fees earned with Premia Blue on Arbitrum!

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