February at Premia

Owl things Premia and DeFi options so far in 2024!

📝 It’s been a while and there’s lots to discuss.

Welcome to the Premia Wrap-Up — a monthly newsletter of owl things Premia.

Everything we did last month, what we’re currently working on, and what we’re planning for the future.

What has Premia been up to?

Weka, Premia Mafia Consigliere

Welcome to the first monthly wrap-up in three months, Anon!

A lot has gone down since we last did one of these. However, as per usual, there’s not much I can disclose… Devs are cooking though… If you’ve been paying attention to our socials, you might be able to put together a thing or two!

Besides super secret tech, we are now multiple months into the development of major (un)related protocol changes, and something even bigger.. In fact, these changes are so major that additional features are currently on hold.

Our goal is to make options accessible to anyone — to create the first fully featured options exchange on a public blockchain. Thus, no compromises will be made nor shortcuts taken!

Patience, young padawan…

Here are some other things of note:

  • STIP Incentives have been exhausted as of March 1st.

  • Updated UI and Option-Chain are now live at app.premia.blue

  • Option-Chain now allows for easy RFQ orders by clicking on illiquid options.

  • Socket Rush ARB claims are live.

  • Premia Parliament elections are running until March 7th. Do your part and vote for your favorite candidates here!

  • All instances of Premia v2 have been decommissioned as of Jan 30th. It’s been a long time coming.

Reminder of things to come:

  • Super-secret tech

  • Spreads

  • Isolated margin

  • Portfolio margin

  • Omnichain capabilities

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Premia Blue Metrics and Growth

All of the following stats and more can be found on our official Premia Blue Dune dashboard! Check it our here.

  • Reached $10m+ TVL in January

  • Reached $50m cumulative trading volume since Premia Blue launch.

Protocol activity is picking up and the books are full.. Give the platform a whirl if you haven’t already!

Join the DeFi Options revolution with Premia, Anon!

The time for Premia Blue’s conquest has finally come.

Give the platform a whirl — we’ve got strategy vaults, an orderbook, and options for any ERC-20 with a valid price oracle!

Keep in mind, Anon, that

And with that, see you next month!


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