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Owl things Premia in November!

📝 It’s that time of the month again, Anon!

Welcome to the Premia Wrap-Up — a monthly newsletter of owl things Premia.

Everything we did last month, what we’re currently working on, and what we’re planning for the future.

900k of ARB incentives are already live on Premia Blue! What’re ya waiting for, Anon?

Weka, Premia Mafia Consigliere

November has been a month of steady shipping and constant improvements to Premia Blue.

Also, we’ve begun emitting ARB incentives this month. There’s plenty of time to join the farming, Anon — the STIP will be live until January 31st.

Next, our aim is to maximize the impact of the Arbitrum STIP for the months of December and January. We have something extra cool planned for y’all — stay alert to our socials to find out what and when!

Hint: there will be an announcement over the next week…

Here’s a list of the features and changes we’ve pushed out this month:

Here’s what’s next in no specific order:

  • Spreads

  • Improved & revamped option-chain UI

  • Isolated margin

  • Portfolio margin

  • Omnichain capabilities

We’re also cooking up a lot on the crypto options onboarding sector — no, not just the Premia Academy. Premia Blue has been built to capture a significant market share for on-chain options, and the time is approaching to put our grand plan in motion.

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Community Calls & Options Talks

Stay alert, Anon — here’s some extra alfalfa for ya. Rumor has it there’s an Options Trading Competition and Premia Academy Campaign coming soon… Blue Season sounds like a catchy name.

The month of November was a yuuuge success in terms of community engagement. We had a whopping 60k+ participants for our Arbitrum Odyssey quest!

Expect more missions, contests, quests, and partnership events soon enough. Paired with the Arbitrum STIP, there will be loads of things to do over the winter season.

Here are some cool stats from the community side of things:

  • Newsletter Subs: 3097→ 4000+

  • Unique Academy Users: 60k+

  • Twitter approaching 30k

Join the DeFi Options revolution with Premia, Anon!

The time for Premia Blue’s conquest has finally come. Give the platform a whirl — we’ve got strategy vaults, range orders, and options for any ERC-20 with a valid price oracle!

To recap, here are some things you might expect from Premia running up to the end of the year:

  • Trading Competition & Campaigns

  • New Academy Courses

  • Quests & Rewards

Keep in mind, Anon, that

And with that, see you next month!

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